Indonesian Pottery Uniquely Beautiful

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It is our great pleasure to share with you the wealth of our cultural products. As a country with rich cultural heritage, handicrafts produced in Indonesia also display a high level of diversity. Each province, even each production center has its own specialty and uniqueness. It can be said that Indonesia belongs to the group of countries with biggest number of types and assortments of handicrafts in the world. Following the nation’s motto of “Unity in Diversity” (“Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”), the diversity of Indonesian handicrafts is unified by a single underlying characteristic, uniquely beautiful that epitomizes the essence of Indonesian culture.

Indonesian pottery products with attractive ethnic touches are well positioned to supply the global market needs for ceramic gifts and decorative articles. Indonesian products offer features with creative ideas for interiors and home improvement. A great variety of Indonesian pottery products will enhance the home ambience and support the aura of peace  and relaxation in and around the garden. 

The Traditional features of Indonesia pottery with the attractiveness of hand made ethnic designs are well suited to cater the market trend towards ethnic products. As proven through a long historical record, Indonesian potters are ready to adapt to any shift in market taste like the trend to give pottery the effect of wood by modifying the texture of the product or adding a relief on the surface. 

By Mari Elka Pangestu (The Trade Ministry Republic of Indonesia 2004 – 2014)